Super DNA Boots

Premium, heavy-duty loggers engineered to tackle the toughest conditions Mother Nature throws your way.

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Super DNA boots are the ultimate pair of cold-weather gear. Boots are insulated, waterproof, and include an optional steel safety toe. Shoes also include Vibram® rubber soles that promote traction and stability. With a long list of safety features and exceptional durability, your feet are sure to be protected on the job or out in the woods. When shopping our boot selection, look for Super DNA styles in solid black, distressed brown, and other color varieties.

Men's Logger Boots

The Chippewa Super DNA Boots collection offers expertly designed logging boots. Logger work boots are known for their extensive safety features and added support. When searching for work boots, Super DNA loggers offer unmatched protection to tackle uneven terrain while keeping feet safe. Shop the best logger boots that ensure confident protection and rugged style.