Insulated Boots

Maintain warmth and protection in cold temperatures.

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Wearing Insulated Boots

Chippewa's insulated work boots provide essential protection from cold weather. Our boots are designed with 3M Thinsulate™ technology that traps body heat while allowing moisture to escape. When completing outdoor jobs, you can focus on the work at hand, and we'll focus on protecting your feet from cold temps. Shop our site to successfully navigate cold conditions with unlimited warmth and protection.

Keep Feet Warm with Insulated Boots

Our insulation technology supports outstanding performance during cold or wet conditions. Our insulated boots are paired with other safety features like waterproof technology, steel toes, good traction, and more. With boots designed for comfort and protection, you'll conquer deep snow, slush, and other winter surfaces.

Insulated Work Boots vs. Winter Boots

Rather than opting for a traditional winter boot, choose insulated work boots for exceptional warmth and protection. Our insulated boots protect cold feet with the addition of added safety features. You'll be protected from hazardous conditions while also feeling your best. For additional warmth, be sure to pair warm boots with thick socks and trusted outdoor gear.