Technology & Features

Chippewa boots are crafted with outstanding innovations for performance, comfort, durability and safety for all conditions and job types. With precision design and the best of new technologies, our boots have been the trusted choice for more than a century.

Branded Components

3M Thinsulate™ - Lightweight yet powerful insulation that traps body heat while allowing moisture to escape.
Dri-Freeze® - Our Dri-Freeze® insert lining helps dissipate heat from the foot and cools on contact. It’s perfect for working in hot, humid conditions.
Dri-Lex® - Dri-Lex® delivers more comfort through a moisture management lining system that is breathable and quick-drying.
OrthoLite® - Our OrthoLite® inserts are made of open-cell polyurethane foam, which is extremely breathable, lightweight and flexible. It retains 95% of its original thickness and won’t flatten over time.
Vibram® - The leader in high-performance rubber soles for outdoor work and recreation, Vibram® outsoles are synonymous with quality, safety, innovation and design.
XRD® Metguard - A thermal plastic urethane shield made with XRD® technology for added protection of your metatarsals. Meets or exceeds ASTM F2413 Mt Standards.


Aluminum Toe - Weighs less than steel and meets the ASTM F2413 Standards for impact and compression.
Composite Toe - A composite safety toe provides non-metallic security against impact and compression at a fraction of the weight of a steel toe. Meets or exceeds ASTM F2413 Standards.
Electrical Hazard - Our electrical hazard rated boots protect you from open electrical currents from the bottom up. Meets or exceeds ASTM F2892 EH Standards.
Heat Resisting - Our outsoles are constructed with heat-resisting materials for tough work environments.
Insulated - Our insulated boots are built with lightweight materials that naturally trap body heat, keeping your feet warm.
Metguard - Our armor-like met guard shield offers protection to the top of your foot against possible injuries. Meets or exceeds ASTM F2413 Mt Standards.
Nano Composite Toe - Our nano composite toe boots make it possible for the toecap wall to be thinner, allowing for more toe room while creating one of the strongest and lightest safety toes on the market. Meets or exceeds ASTM F2413 Standards.
Non-Metallic - Features a non-metallic shank and hardware built to prevent activating screening devices in high-security work environments.
Oil & Slip Resisting - Outsoles with an increased grip design constructed with materials to help prevent the outsole from swelling when standing in oil.
Puncture Resisting - Our puncture-resisting midsole construction helps prevent nails and other pointed objects from penetrating our boot insoles. Meets or exceeds ASTM F2413 PR Standards.
Snake Bite Resisting - Our snake bite-resisting construction utilizes our proprietary Vipercloth to help protect you from possible snake bites in the great outdoors.
Soft Toe - Boots that are made without safety toe components.
Static Dissipative - Safely discharges static build-up when in contact with properly grounded floor surfaces. Meets or exceeds ASTM F2413 SD Standards.
Steel Shank - A thin piece of metal built between the insole and outsole of the boot that helps provide stability, structure and support.
Steel Toe - Our steel toe boots are the ideal solution, meeting industry standards for impact and compression. Meets or exceeds ASTM F2413 Standards.
Waterproof - Our waterproof construction utilizes a high-quality breathable membrane to help keep your feet dry in tough, wet environments.