Men's 6-inch Lace-up Work Boots

For work or any day, our men's 6-inch lace-ups give you ultimate versatility in a low-profile boot.

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Buy Men's 6-inch Lace-up Work Boots

Chippewa 6-inch lace-up boots are short work boots with safety and comfort features. These styles deliver unparalleled traction, support, and safety. Our Vibram® rubber sole delivers traction on wet, dry, and slippery surfaces while providing the heel with stability. Short lace-ups also offer optional lightweight insulation that doesn't hinder flexibility. Select styles offer a composite toe or nano composite toe to protect your foot from impact and heavy loads. With a round toe shape, durable outsoles, insulated materials, and protective toe features, a challenging job is made easier.

Exteriors: Men's Lace-up Boots

When shopping for a work boot you can trust, Chippewa offers a wide range of styles. Boots are available in dark brown, tan, and grey upper color varieties. Boot exteriors are crafted using high-quality leather that hides stains and promotes a long-lasting shoe. With advanced waterproof technology, boot styles remain intact and demonstrate exceptional durability. To learn more and refine your search, click on a style or width of interest.