Men's 8-inch Lace-up Work Boots

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Chippewa 8-inch lace-up boots offer enhanced protection from potentially hazardous conditions. When looking for a work boot, we understand that safety, comfort, and flexibility are major concerns. That's why our lace-up boots include advanced features to protect your foot and promote maximum efficiency. Features found in select boots include a composite or steel safety toe, insulation, waterproof technology, or a Vibram® rubber sole. These features boost warmth, dryness, and durability. Explore our range of colors and styles to find a work boot that will keep up with you.

Men's Lace-up Boots: Function and Style

When designing the perfect 8-inch boot, we value the combination of function and style. Along with a comprehensive list of safety features, we provide a round-toe shape exterior. Boot shapes assist stability and work alongside various toe types to offer protection. Additionally, Chippewa lace-ups are found in brown, black, and grey upper color varieties. With maximum protection and style, you'll be ready to take on work and outdoor obstacles with confidence.