• Handcrafted in the USA

    In 1980, Chippewa embarked on a marketing campaign, "Hand Crafted by people who care". The campaign focused on the skilled craftsmen that are responsible for the fine quality footwear produced by Chippewa. Over the years, this campaign has evolved into our company philosophy that Chippewa products use only premium raw materials and are hand crafted in the USA. To this day, U.S. made boots still carry the "Hand Crafted in the USA" labels as homage to the men and women that have built the Chippewa brand.


    The ORIGINAL CHIPPEWA Collection is a blend of modern durability found in contemporary outdoor products combined with the heritage and authenticity of American craftsmanship and work ethic. The Collection is an assembly of vintage-inspired footwear for individuals who appreciate classic boots with a distinctive identity. The "Original Chippewa" collection reflects Chippewa's heritage and craftsmanship, while creating timeless silhouettes for a modern American style.

  • Enter to win this month's giveaway

    Enter to win this month's giveaway: the 17” Brown Expresso/Viper® Cloth Snake Boot. This boot is constructed with ORO RUSSETT / ESPRESSO VIPERCLOTH®, which is sure to keep you safe and protected from potential snake bites. This boot also includes a Goodyear® leather welt construction with a Vibram® ROBINSON GUMLITE® outsole and 4 Iron rubber midsole. Style 23913 also features Antique Brass Non Tarnishable Buckles and a comfortable 5 IRON TEXON® insole. Most importantly, this style is handcrafted in the USA.