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If you’re perusing you’re either part of the Chippewa Boots faithful or you’re a newbie to the world of outdoor footwear and looking for an informed opinion. Either way you have come to the right place!

The best test for any piece of outdoor clothing or equipment is performance in the field. I think we can all agree that new gear always looks and feels great inside the comfort of your favorite outdoor store. But, determining real world function, comfort, and durability usually requires getting dirty.

You can pretend how those new boots might feel after a dozen miles on the trail. You can even imagine how that new backpack might handle 40-pounds of essentials. But, it’s not until you’re actually in the field that you secretly hope all your gear is up to the challenge.

Looking at the summer production schedule for the Scouting for Adventure series I knew our season finale in West Virginia a couple of weeks ago would provide ample opportunity to break in a pair of Chippewa’s tried-and-true 10” Briar Pitstop Loggers.

The Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve is 10,600 acres of Appalachian wilderness situated right next door to the New River Gorge National River Area. Scheduled to open in 2013 The Summit will serve as BSA’s fourth National High Adventure Base; complementing Philmont in New Mexico, Sea Base in Florida, and Northern Tier in Minnesota. And, it will serve as the permanent home for the National Scout Jamboree.

For our part we teamed up with Scouting’s National Honor Society the Order of the Arrow to assist in their month long adventure service project. The SummitCorps’ “New River Experience” represents one of the largest youth service projects performed in the National Park Service history.

Every week for four weeks a few hundred Scout volunteers pulled into Glen Jean, WV ready to work – each dedicating 32 hours of boots-on-the-ground service. Their goal, build 16-miles of stacked-loop hike and bike trails, rehabilitate 12-miles of illegal ATV trails, and remove four acres of the invasive species Multiflora Rose.

Our “Wild and Wonderful” adventure took us up and down the New River Gorge, whitewater rafting, climbing, rappelling, smallmouth bass fishing, it included a treetop canopy tour, and a stop at the biggest attraction to hit West Virginia in years – I’m talking about The Summit.

Always up for a challenge our Scouts were anxious to join a work crew. They quickly learned how to properly swing tools like the pick mattock, cutter mattock, the McCloud, hazel hoe, shovel (they called a spoon), and the rock bar. Every tool had a purpose and they put them all to good use as they dug, crushed, and spread piles of dirt, rock, and debris. And we captured every hot, dusty, trail-building minute in high-definition video.

But don’t take my word for it, check out the boots online and watch my show. The 10” loggers are crazy comfortable out of the box and you won’t find a better boot for timber or trail work. The series Scouting for Adventure is on Outdoor Channel and worth a look.

Let me know what you think. I’m confident you will enjoy both.

Photo Credit: Dave Bennett

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