Spring Bass

What makes your outdoor adventures so memorable? Is it the journey, or what you did when you got there? I pondered those questions last weekend as I watched my 4-year-old little boy set the hook on his first legitimate fish catch. Not necessarily his first fish, but definitely the first unassisted catch. Or, as Will adamantly explains, “I caught it all by myself!”

Just by the nature of my profession, he has probably been exposed to more outdoor activities than most Tulsa kids his age. Watching his genuine amazement as we discussed each piece of tackle reminded me how I began my path into the outdoor world.

These days I’m lucky that the area between work and play is fairly grey. I have the unique ability to bounce back and forth between the two and still be productive. So, spending a 70 degree bluebird day with my best fishing buddy was simply icing on the cake.

If you’re reading this patiently waiting for some insight into my Chippewa Boot’s performance in the field, it’s because you are an outdoor enthusiast – eager to improve your experiences outside. And, like the vast majority of passionate sportsmen and women, you were likely introduced to the Great Outdoors by your dad or grandfather, (maybe grandma, too).

In the world of “Firsts” this springtime fishing trip was a big one. Will was sporting a new Spiderman rod and reel combo with all the essentials. We were outfitted with the classic kid’s rig – Eagle Claw No. 4 snelled hooks, brass snap swivels, split-shot sinkers, 1.5-inch red and white bobbers, and a container of Canadian night crawlers – the perfect formula for success!

As for the boots – comfort was paramount and the 8-inch Briar Oiled waterproof footgear with the Alpha Wedge Sole was intriguing. Touted as a Utility boot, it performed beautifully. Since fishing in an Oklahoma farm pond rarely requires an aggressive lug sole, I didn’t have to worry about taking a lot of mud home with me at the end of the day. A quick dunk at the waters edge and a wipe through the tall grass effectively cleaned the crepe-like bottoms.

So what made my last outdoor adventure so memorable? A 5 fish limit. Will - 3 and Daddy - 2.

How would you answer the question?

Mike Garner Outdoors
mike garner outdoors

Chippewa has teamed up with Mike Garner, a lifelong sportsman and television personality with a love for everything outdoors, to bring you Mike's journey across the United States in his Chippewa boots.

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