Bulls, Geese and the Catwalk

I was fully prepared to blog about my recent Xtreme Bulls experience in Rapid City, South Dakota, but then I read about the 2011 Gilded Age Fall Fashion Show on the official Chippewa Boots Facebook page and decided to expand the scope of my monthly commentary.

As an avid outdoorsman, television producer, and all-around Chippewa fan my hope has always been that those who migrate to Chippewa Boots for their rugged good looks, might also step off the beaten path and get them a little dirty. They are, after all, one of the toughest and most durable boots in the outdoor footwear market.

In the last three weeks I have literally been Living in Chippewa Boots. I traveled from Rapid City, SD to San Antonio, TX for bull riding events, with a stop in DeSoto, KS for a late season Canada Goose hunt. And Chippewa Boots were with me every step of the way.

I was fortunate to participate in the production of the PRCA’s first tour stop for Xtreme Bulls at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, in Rapid City. I bounced back and forth between six bucking chutes, capturing every heart pounding ride and wreck on camera.

For South Dakota and Texas I pulled on one of the toughest, western style, boot that Chippewa makes and the very same style that carried me across the infield at the 100th Pendleton Round-Up – the Arroyos Pull On! This go-around I chose the fashionable green tops.

The thought of scraping a toe on a gate or chute while wearing a nice pair of ostrich boots didn’t really appeal to me, Nor did the idea of slipping off a metal chute while holding an expensive camera. So the heavily oiled bay apache leather and sure-footed rubber Vibram sole got the nod. What can you say about a boot that does its job well? I say well done!

Perusing the Chippewa Facebook page last week. I thought how ironic it was that a month ago I joked about nubucks crossover from the field to fashion and more recently from fashion back to the field (check out the January blog for more details). Ironically, one of the boots featured in the Gilded Age Fall Fashion Show in New York was non-other than the Arctic 9” Golden Tan Nubuc. The same surprisingly awesome, cold weather, water-shedding boot I wore in Washington last month and again in Kansas this month.

Temperatures in Kansas last week reached single digit lows and although I wasn’t wearing a chunky cardigan or fitted peacoat I did manage a wool vest and a down-filled coat. All worn under the cover of snow camo of course.

I wonder how GQ would have reacted had I walked down the runway with two big beautiful Canada Geese in each hand?

Mike Garner Outdoors
mike garner outdoors

Chippewa has teamed up with Mike Garner, a lifelong sportsman and television personality with a love for everything outdoors, to bring you Mike's journey across the United States in his Chippewa boots.

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