What was your favorite part of Turkey Season 2010?

My first pair of Chippewa boots were a gift from former Dallas Cowboys tight end and ESPN Outdoors host Jay Novacek. It was the summer of ’99 and I was a young associate producer working with Jay on the Cabela’s Sportsman’s Quest series. Needless to say, I was more than a little excited about my new outdoor swag and the opportunity to work with the Cowboy legend.

The 17-inch lace-up snake boots were a welcomed surprise from the 3-time Super Bowl Champ and 5-time Pro Bowler, proving to be a great introduction to the Chippewa brand and Jay’s generous nature. I wore those boots for years on numerous turkey hunts and white-tailed deer adventures – never completely wearing them out.

With that story and those boots in mind, I prepared for the 2010 Oklahoma spring turkey season. Taking stock of my hunting boot collection, I decided to look for a new pair of Chippewas that would last as long as Novacek’s original pick.

Anticipating spring showers, I wanted a durable, waterproof, and all-around over-the-calf hunting boot that would continue to perform beyond turkey season- a boot without laces that would serve me equally well dove hunting in South Texas or chasing pronghorn antelope across New Mexico. The added benefit of a boot that could withstand a strike from a venomous snake would just be icing on the cake.

So, when I saw the Briar Pitstop Pull On Snake Boot for the first time online I didn’t pay much attention to the words “Espresso Vipercloth” or “Chip-A-Tex” membrane system. Simply put, I saw a snake-proof, waterproof boot with hunting friendly dark brown leather and olive uppers. Everything I wanted – with a Vibram sole to boot!

Fast-forward to Oklahoma’s month long spring turkey season – April 6th to May 6th. Between work and travel I only managed a handful of outings, but I still got out there! I roosted birds, hunted a couple mornings, and made a few evening sits. In the end I had one humbling encounter with a nice gobbler and a poorly placed oak tree. What can you do? I chalked it up to experience. Regrettably there was no camera guy to blame for my misfortune.

I like to think that a lot of experience and a little luck goes a long way when turkey hunting. I’ve produced turkey shows from the Carolina’s to The Big Island of Hawaii and almost everywhere in between, and I know what works for my shows and me. I have my favorites – television hosts, boots, calls, turkey vest, set-ups, camera angles, and destinations.

So, after posting a big fat goose egg off-camera this year I’m a little curious. Whether your statewide spring turkey season wrapped up in March like Hawaii or goes strong through June like Maine – What was your favorite part of Turkey Season 2010?

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