Don't let tax season get you down

April 15th – probably the worst day on the calendar, unless you’re writing a new blog entry, like me. If you read my January, February, and March entries you have to be wondering how an outdoor writer draws inspiration from this most unholy of days? Easy. Here’s a friendly tax tip to consider before the end of the year.

If you’re a self-employed hunting guide, outfitter, logger, ranch owner, or work as an independent contractor in an industry where high performance footwear is a must-have, then I have two words for you – Write-Off!

Seriously, expensing a great pair of boots has to be one of the best business perks available to guys like us. I would encourage you to find the best-designed, best-built, best-fitting boot applicable to your line of work and buy a pair – or maybe two.

Obviously I’m not an accountant, so check with your CPA to determine if these savings apply to you. Every little deduction helps, and I’m confidant you would prefer to hold on to as much of your hard-earned cash as possible. By the end of the year your wallet and your feet will thank me, but I digress.

OK, we have finally come full circle making the leap from vintage World War II aircraft and custom motorcycles to taxes and my bread and butter – the Great Outdoors!

For anyone who loves the outdoors as much as I do, this is the time of year when most sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts are gearing up for turkeys, camping, summer hikes, and anxiously awaiting the arrival of the fall hunting season.

We’re already two weeks into Spring 2010, and I’ve been busy roosting gobblers and breaking in boots. This year I decided to ease into the whole “breaking in” process. I chose a lightweight Chippewa Hiker, a bass boat, and a collegiate bass fishing tournament – not extremely rugged, but effective.

I recently spent three days in Russellville, AR crisscrossing beautiful Lake Dardanelle, hopping in and out of boats, climbing rocky shorelines, and trying to keep pace with 125 testosterone-driven collegiate anglers in 63 bass boats. It’s important to note there was a lone lady angler in the field, every bit as qualified and driven as her male counterparts.

Hosted by Arkansas Tech University, this leg of The Collegiate Bass Fishing Tournament Series proved to be an eye opener. Did you know there are more than 150 colleges and universities across the country with recognized fishing clubs? I didn’t.

They compete for cash, prizes, scholarships, and bragging rights. You have to love an organization that promotes sportsmanship, outdoor ethics, and still holds these angling students to a high academic standard.

It’s a unique opportunity where young men and women are able to represent their schools while participating in what is arguably America’s most popular outdoor recreational activity – fishing. And, it makes for great outdoor television!

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mike garner outdoors

Chippewa has teamed up with Mike Garner, a lifelong sportsman and television personality with a love for everything outdoors, to bring you Mike's journey across the United States in his Chippewa boots.

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