SHOT Show 2010

As a life long sportsman and admitted outdoor footwear addict, I could not have found a more appropriate place to kick start a little boot dialog than one of the industry’s most demanding proving grounds – the 2010 SHOT Show.

Don’t laugh. I’m serious. With 700,000 square feet of smooth concrete and poorly padded carpet, the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV, presented an ideal opportunity to test the comfort and fit of a good pair of boots.

And I wasn’t the only one. The ultimate shooting, hunting, and outdoor trade show featured miles of aisles with 1,633 exhibitors, 31,280 buyers, and 1,804 media professionals. Almost everyone covering the same ground the same way – on two feet.


Follow up:

I chose the best of both worlds; a great fitting all-leather boot with ample support and more than enough style to pass as a working media professional. The classic engineer boot in tan bomber jacket leather was perfect with jeans and a button-down shirt. And the distinct Chippewa brass buckle set me apart from the rest.

The idea that you need loose, steep, or even rugged terrain to properly scrutinize your footgear is fairly inaccurate. The simple fact that Mother Earth is comprised of shock-absorbing soil and vegetation is often overlooked.

The shock of concrete floors is transferred from the foot, to knees, to hips, and lower back. And it’s that prolonged exposure that creates the discomfort and fatigue often associated with long hours on convention floors or chasing billy goats up and down rocky peaks.

Nevertheless, in four days on the SHOT Show floor I averaged almost 7,000 steps per day or about 3.5 miles. That’s according to my trusty Walking Shop step counter, (kind of dorky but effective.) In the end it was the feet that told the story. Great fit. Successful show. Not a bad test.

So, I beg the question. How do you put your outdoor footwear to the test?

Mike Garner Outdoors
mike garner outdoors

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